Another WTF moment derails Lions Super Bowl bid


How many of you made reservations to MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas?

How many of you called Delta or Spirit Airlines to price round trip tickets to Vegas from Detroit?

It looked so promising as the Detroit Lions battled the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. But the Lions always seem to have that wtf moment in big games.

There was the call-no call pass interference penalty that wiped out a game-changing first down against Dallas. How about the Calvin Johnson catch, no catch against the Chicago Bears? And just a few weeks ago the flub by an official who confused Taylor Decker for Dan Skipper.

The Lions lost to the Niners Sunday evening in the Face Mask Game. The Lions held a 14 point second half lead when San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy tossed a long ball to Brandon Aiyuk that appeared headed harmlessly to the ground. But it hit Lions corner Kindle Vidor in the face mask, extending the ball’s hang time just enough for Aiyuk to make a diving 51-yard catch inside the Lions 5-yard line.

Then all hell broke loose.

From that point on the Lions could not run the ball. Coach Dan Campbell could not think straight. Defenders turned into butter fingers and could not tackle. If that play does not happen the Lions would have made their first Super Bowl trip in the 58 year history of the game,

However doesn’t Lucy always pull the football away from Charlie Brown?

The fans who jammed Ford Field and sports bars across Detroit watched tears of joy turn into tears of despair.

This is not Same Old Lions but isn’t this the same way the grim reaper plays havoc with this team? Just when you think it is safe to come out of the closet the boogie man gets you as soon as you open the door.

“What are my emotions? I don’t know. It sucks,” quarterback Jared Goff said after the game. I am devastated. It’s hard to juggle the emotions of being proud of all we accomplished and the heartache of the loss.”

A number of Lions fans are angry that Coach Dan Campbell turned down a 48 yard field goal that could have tied the game up 27-27 late. You have every right to be angry but that did not cost the Lions.

Here is one more message about that. You cannot beam about how brave Campbell is a warrior when he goes for it on fourth down from his own 20-yard line when the Lions convert and then begin a fire storm when the play does not work.

Here is what cost the Lions.

Josh Reynolds dropping two passes for first downs cost the Lions this game.

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson not targeting Amon-Ra St. Brown the entire third quarter cost the Lions.

Running eight times for 26 yards in the second half cost the Lions.

Poor tackling cost the Lions.

Choking big time when the Niners made their run cost the Lions.

And an errant football off the face mask of Vildor cost the Lions.

Now we are left with those four words that end every season.

Wait until next year.


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